The Turret Shop is used to prepare and train shipbuilders for complex radiological work.

Shipbuilders Lead the Way

Published June 1, 2022

Second-shift X33 shipbuilders focus on creating a better, more efficient work environment for the nuclear trades performing work and mock-up training in Newport News Shipbuilding’s nuclear facilities. A clean and neatly organized facility enables all trades to feel safe while performing radiological work and builds confidence with the U.S. Navy.

Each night, the team focuses on continuous improvement by tracking their progress, exchanging ideas and asking the right questions to ensure their performance meets NNS standards. The team understands working in a clean environment sets the lead trades up for success and enables those teams to also lean in and continue keeping facilities sanitary. “On our team, everyone shares the same vision. Provide the cleanest facilities for nuclear work,” said Timothy Russell (X33).

Setting the example in the early stages of job preparation instills the “Build Clean” mentality, which can then be taken and maintained as work progresses. Several nuclear facilities throughout the yard are maintained daily by X33 shipbuilders.

“Receiving all of the positive feedback after the NAVSEA audit is a reminder to us that we play an essential role in the success of the Nuclear Propulsion Division,” said X33 Foreman Lauren Davidson.