The mold in place team was honored for first-time quality work on New Jersey (SSN 796).

Shipbuilders Recognized for First-Time Quality

Published February 15, 2022

Shipbuilders on the mold in place (MIP) team were recognized recently for demonstrating first-time quality work on Virginia-class submarine New Jersey (SSN 796).

The MIP team is responsible for installing special hull treatments on the exterior of Virginia-class submarines. Since the team’s work takes place in the latter stages of the submarine’s construction, any issues that require rework can negatively impact the launch schedule.

The team experienced first-time quality challenges in recent years, but turned a corner on New Jersey.

“My guys have been working very hard, taking much more accountability and ownership for their work, and having a better appreciation for their craft in several areas,” said “J” Mathews, lead general foreman for the VCS X32 MIP Department. “And it’s not just this crew, we’ve probably recognized five teams in the past year for performing first-time quality work.”

Mathews said shipbuilders from Coatings Technology & Materials Engineering (E33) provided on-site deckplate support, which helped improve quality while fostering better communication and understanding between the engineering and trades teams.

“The oversight from E33 on the deckplate gave our craftsmen and craftswomen the opportunity to have conversations directly if there were questions, concerns or problems,” she said. “In turn, working with us, E33 learned a lot more about the craft. Everything in black and white is not as easy to go and execute at that level on the deckplate.”