Shipbuilders Showcase Modeling and Simulation at 13th International ModSim World Conference

Published June 21, 2022

Held in Norfolk, ModSim World is an industry-centric conference hosted by the National Training and Simulation Association where members in manufacturing, homeland security, defense and other industries demonstrate the latest in modeling and simulation technologies. This year’s theme, “Building a Better Tomorrow” is focused on using modeling and simulation applications and practices to prepare for a more resilient future.

Shipbuilders from Modeling and Simulation, Digital Capabilities Lab (Dogfish Lab) and HII participated in the three-day conference in May. The conference included an industry keynote by Terry Walley of Ingalls Shipbuilding, an augmented reality/virtual reality panel, and a STEM event for local high school students.

“My first time experience at ModSim World was truly remarkable,” said Tiwana Greene, a Modeling and Simulation engineer. “It was exciting to see modeling and simulation being so widely used, in the history classroom using XR, in healthcare for nurses to experience a digital clinical training experience, in the cockpit to help military and civilian pilots via machine learning, virtual reality, real-time visual simulation systems in 3D, and so much more.”

Visit the ModSim website on MyNNS to learn more.