Pictured from left are Timothy Madden, Jerry Campbell and Mike Joyner.

Shipbuilders Steering the Way

Published December 7, 2021

Construction supervisors Mike Joyner and Timothy Madden were honored with Level One On-the-Spot Ethics awards for taking action when a fellow shipbuilder was injured on the job.

Joyner and Madden were both in the Covered Module Assembly Facility (CMAF) when a welder performing carbon arcing noticed his coveralls were smoldering. As he attempted to snuff out the flame, the welder hit his leg with a carbon arc torch tip, which caused a large lesion. Joyner and Madden both responded immediately. Madden applied pressure to the wound and kept the welder calm. Joyner notified safety and medical staff and informed the hazmat team as the area needed to be disinfected.

As a result of Joyner and Madden’s leadership, the welder was able to get necessary medical attention in a timely manner.