Pictured from left are Xavier Beale, Timothy Gibson, Ricky Jones, Brian Lang, Joseph Braxton IV, Leonard Vanhook, Christopher Everett and Karey Malyszko.

Shipbuilders Steering the Way

Published January 18, 2023

Brian Lang, Timothy Gibson and Joseph Braxton IV were recently honored with Level One On-the-Spot Ethics awards for taking action to extinguish a fire.

Gibson was approached by a craftsman who alerted him to smoke coming from a metal cover in a production facility. They worked together, along with Braxton, to clear the surrounding area of any potentially flammable materials. Lang disconnected the circuit breaker to the hole. With the cover removed, the shipbuilders could feel the heat and hear the crackling sound of fire.

After confirming the fire extinguisher was intended for electrical fires, Gibson pulled the pin and sprayed into the hole several times.

Karey Malyszko, vice president of Plant Operations, and Xavier Beale, vice president of Human Resources and Trades, met with Gibson, Lang and Braxton to thank them for their actions and to present their awards.