This X10 crew was recognized for being the first represented team to achieve 100% participation on the engagement survey and a stay survey. Photo by Lexi Whitehead

Survey Administration Period Ends Friday, Oct. 7

Published October 4, 2022

Inclusion (ED&I) Team last week recognized a crew for being the first represented team to achieve 100% participation on the annual engagement survey and a stay survey.

The employee engagement survey measures how well employees are connected to NNS’ mission and is conducted annually. The stay survey is focused on employee retention and attracting new talent to the company. Salaried employees had an opportunity to complete the stay survey earlier this year.

The X10 crew that was recognized is led by Foreman Jamal Chase and based in the Steel Production Facility. “It’s important for the team to give their feedback on how we can make things better and get them what they need,” he said.

As of day six of the survey administration period, a total of 23 represented crews had achieved 100% participation.

“Both the engagement and stay surveys inform how we move forward in developing and implementing actionable items that will improve our employee experience, well-being, strengthen professional development and growth, and enable opportunities for operating in our strengths every day,” said Danyelle Saunders of the ED&I Office. “The results provide an indication of areas we do well and should sustain, as well as areas that need improvement.”

Employees have until Friday, Oct. 7, to complete the surveys. Those with company computer access received an email from Gallup with a link to the engagement survey. Employees without company computer access have the opportunity to take both surveys at a designated time with their crew during work hours.