Thank You for Doing Your Part During Field Day

Published February 20, 2023


Last week, we held a series of Field Day events and united toward a common goal – to clean up our shipyard and reset Newport News Shipbuilding’s cleanliness standards. In true shipyard fashion, we delivered by removing more than 140 tons of scrap metal, 200 tons of wood and 126 tons of trash so far. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

We will continue to provide extra resources through Tuesday for trash removal, and we can’t stop there! To make it count, cleanliness needs to be part of our daily routine. Maintaining our NNS’ cleanliness standards will go a long way toward increasing productivity. More importantly, it will help keep our shipbuilders safe.

As outlined in S-1061, NNS is divided into yard cleanliness zones and each zone has a point of contact. Contact Ean Greene (O27) with any questions or concerns.

It will take all of us to be successful, just like it does to build the incredible ships that only we can build. We do noble work, and a clean work environment will help us do what we do best.

Thank you for doing your part.

Karey Malyszko
Vice President, Plant Operations