The Transition from EAS to AOS

Published January 4, 2023

In April 2021, Newport News Shipbuilding’s Business Transformation & Technology (BT&T) Division embarked on an important transition called Enterprise Agility System (EAS). The intent was to implement agile methodologies across the organization and enable an improved system of delivery. BT&T focused on two main objectives: predictability and increasing productivity. The goal was for BT&T’s workflow to maximize the value it brings to the business.

“The scaled agile model is a recognized industry best practice, and the EAS system of delivery standardized and matured the way we deliver value to NNS,” said Jason Sutton, vice president and chief information officer.

BT&T teams kept an open mind and took personal ownership during their adoption of EAS, which allowed them to continually learn and grow. As the system matured, so did BT&T, and now the Agile Operating System (AOS) is a way of life. In concert with the implementation of similar operating systems across NNS, and in recognition of the evolution over the last year and a half, BT&T will soon transition from EAS to AOS.

This year, BT&T’s branding will officially transition from EAS to AOS. EAS signifies BT&T’s agile transformation journey, and AOS represents the steady state Agile Operating System moving forward. We ensure our teams and fellow shipbuilders that we’re committed to supporting them in an agile fashion. AOS is here to stay.

For information about our system of delivery and the transition from EAS to AOS, visit the AOS Customer Portal and AOS website on MyNNS.