Think Before You Print

Published October 25, 2022

Newport News Shipbuilding implemented the Managed Print Service (MPS) Program over 10 years ago to help decrease overhead expenses. While the overall intent of the program was to reduce the number of single use devices, it also helped reduce printing, which lowered printing costs. Just last year, NNS decreased printed materials by 7% from the previous year. Since the program started, overall paper prints have scaled down by 45%, going from 92 million to 50.3 million. Although NNS is printing less, we can do more.

Shipbuilders are asked to think before printing. The prevalence of remote work over the past several years has reduced printing. As employees come back into the office, maintain the mindset of printing less often. Ask yourself if documents can be sent via email or reviewed during a meeting instead, and print in color only when necessary.

Every employee’s actions matter, not just environmentally but also to ensure cost savings that could be used on other projects/initiatives to help move NNS forward. Please do your part. Together, we can make a difference.