Upcoming Change To NNS’ Tobacco Policy

Published April 21, 2022


Safety and performance go hand in hand. As such, we continue our No Fail Mission to improve performance across every organization and every team with a focus on the health and safety of our shipbuilders and our work environment. A key part of this effort is fire safety and preventing shipboard fires, which can be devastating for our workforce, our Navy customer and our nation.

Tobacco use at Newport News Shipbuilding has historically posed a risk to employee safety, wellness and productivity. In February 2016 we announced our five-year goal to become a tobacco-free employer and began restricting tobacco use to designated areas on company property. Our current global climate and the Navy’s critical need for NNS to deliver first-time quality on schedule in a safe environment is foundational to our No Fail Mission. It is critical that we make the shipyard a safer, more productive place.

Beginning July 11, NNS will be a tobacco-free employer. This means NNS will prohibit the use of tobacco products on company property and during company time. You will not have to quit tobacco use to remain employed at NNS – you will still be able to use tobacco products when not on company property and not on company time.

We recognize tobacco use is an addiction and adhering to this policy will be difficult for some of our shipbuilders. If you currently use tobacco products, you are encouraged to take advantage of tobacco cessation programs available through the company’s health and wellness benefits.

More details, including frequently asked questions, will be communicated the week of May 2. Thank you for doing your part to make the shipyard a safer workplace and enabling our increased support of the Navy’s important missions.

Xavier Beale
Vice President, Human Resources and Trades