Update: Work From Home Transition

Published May 20, 2021

Dear Shipbuilders,

As COVID-19 precautions begin to relax and we shift to a greater sense of normalcy, Newport News Shipbuilding is continuing its transition to working conditions that better support our shipbuilding mission.

Unless you hear otherwise, work assessments have been approved. If you have questions regarding your assessments, please contact your Human Resources business partner.

Here’s what needs to happen next:

  • Managers notify their employees immediately if they may continue working remotely, in their present arrangement, must return to work onsite or transition to work a hybrid schedule.
  • To ensure proper social distancing requirements are established, supervisors should begin returning to work May 24 to assess work areas and make appropriate arrangements.
  • New work arrangements for all employees will take effect on June 7.
  • Employees are responsible for updating their Flexible Work Arrangement Form in MyHR to ensure their form reflects the new work arrangement. The deadline for these updates is June 7.

Changes to work routines and schedules can be challenging. Please be aware that training related to working remotely and for supervising a remote workforce will be available in the near future. We appreciate your continued patience and willingness to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Susan Jacobs
Vice President, Human Resources and Administration