VCS Program Opens New Outfitting Facility

VCS Program Opens New Outfitting Facility

Published December 1, 2020

Newport News Shipbuilding’s Virginia-Class Submarine Program recently began moving modules into a new set of outfitting halls – the Rafted Module Facility (RMF) – in the North Yard’s Joint Manufacturing and Assembly Facility (JMAF).

The advent of the Virginia Payload Module on Block V Virginia-class submarines – including the Electronics Deck Module, which will be built at NNS – meant the VCS Program needed more space. “We didn’t have room to outfit that module,” said Bob Meyer, VCS Program construction director. “Ultimately, the solution was to build the new set of outfitting halls.”

The 65,000-square foot facility was designed with the specific products that will be outfitted in the space in mind. “Services and fixtures specifically for those ship sections will improve efficiencies,” Meyer said.
There also are built-in lockers so employees don’t have to go outside to tool boxes. The RMF also has a small work area for employees with drill presses, lathes and sheet metal shears. It also features a quality of life space.

The RMF will house all VCS module outfitting work from the Covered Module Assembly Facility (CMAF), as well as similar outfitting assembly work. The Columbia-Class Submarine Program is taking over the space vacated by the VCS Program in the CMAF.

Watch a video on MyNNS to see shipbuilders move the habitability unit for Arkansas (SSN 800) and the sail for Utah (SSN 801) into the RMF.