Work From Home Update From Susan Jacobs

Work From Home Update From Susan Jacobs

Published March 8, 2021

Dear Shipbuilders,
We continue to monitor Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance about the benefits of limiting our onsite workforce. Until more employees are vaccinated and we have a greater understanding of the protections the vaccine provides, all employees who are able to work from home should continue working remotely.

Meetings should be conducted using the WebEx platform as much as possible. Remote employees who need to report to work for a specific job assignment must continue to receive management (manager 3 level or above) approval. We have experienced how spreading out our workforce can help prevent the virus’ spread. Allowing employees to work from home helps us continue this important safety practice.

We have updated the Flexible Work Arrangement Form in MyHR and are requiring all employees to update their information in MyHR by March 19. Having current information will allow us to accurately reflect and report work-from-home employees and activity. A question regarding foreign nationals has been added to ensure NNS safeguards Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information (NNPI). If an employee confirms that a foreign national resides at their remote location, the Facility Security Officer (FSO) will contact the employee to develop a personalized security plan.

Work-from-home employees must continue to communicate with their immediate supervisor regarding work assignments and enter their correct time daily into MyTime.

Despite the availability of a vaccine, it is important that employees remain vigilant when it comes to social distancing, wearing masks and maintaining good personal hygiene. Our continued efforts to minimize our onsite workforce to the greatest extent possible provides another layer of protection to keep all of our employees and their families safe.

Susan Jacobs
Vice President
Human Resources and Administration