Pictured from left are Vice President of Quality Ron Murray, Charlie Jack, Kenny Naugle and K47 Lead General Foreman Steve Monfalcone.

X43 Mechanics Recognized as Quality Craftsmen of the Year

Published January 11, 2023

Senior X43 mechanic Kenny Naugle and Charlie Jack, also a senior X43 mechanic who retired at the end of last year, were recognized as Quality Craftsmen of the Year for 2022. This award goes to skilled individuals on the waterfront who demonstrate creativity, ingenuity and precision.

Both were praised as Master Shipbuilders who always get the job done. During a planned incremental availability (PIA) for USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), their advanced machining skills allowed for a creative way to remove a titanium anti-rotation pin that had been sheared off from a spacer nut. Their innovative thinking allowed them to complete the job within two days and averted a three-to-four week delay in schedule.

Asked how they got the job done so quickly, Naugle joked, “We didn’t want to work over the weekend.”

In addition to this key event, both Jack and Naugle were recognized for other outstanding qualities. Both were key contributors in helping various programs achieve first-time quality, which helps keep scheduling and production costs down. They also mentored newer craftsmen and craftswomen to continue their legacy at NNS.

Ron Murray, vice president of Quality, congratulated Jack and Naugle.

“I learned many years ago that there is no replacement for true craftsmanship,” Murray said. “Charlie and Kenny developed their expertise in precision shipboard machining through years of training and deckplate production. The work done by our production workforce, including experts like Charlie and Kenny, is the foundation our company is built on and will take us into the future.”

The Quality Division appreciates all that NNS craftsmen and craftswomen do to demonstrate quality, whether it is documented or not, and thanks those who have participated in the nomination process. O06 continues to accept nominations at [email protected] and will recognize individuals quarterly.